About Eastside Select Baseball

The Eastside Select Sports baseball program is focused on fun, skill development, baseball IQ, intensity and discipline. We offer the baseball passionate player and their family a unique and rewarding experience we believe is second to none. We play more baseball games, participate in more tournaments and take more fun road trips than any other program in the state of Washington. We compete at the highest level and seek out programs, teams and tournaments providing the most competition.


Other program highlights include:

  • Independent and objective coaching and instruction
  • Training at the area’s top facilities, which includes one-on-one with ex-professional
  • baseball players
  • Quality apparel, gear and equipment
  • Up to Four road trips a year; including top tournaments in California, Arizona, Florida,
  • and New York
  • Relationships with other area youngsters and families who share a passion for the
  • game
  • Program Sponsors committed to youth athletics
  • Complete team, game and individual digital statistics
  • Performance based participation
  • Competitively priced team costs


Our program takes tremendous pride in providing young people with unique and enjoyable life and baseball experiences. Eastside Select Sports is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization. Administratively, we pay attention to detail; we work hard to be extremely organized; we communicate in a direct and straightforward manner and, we do all we can do to create a fun, positive, constructive and healthy environment for youngsters in the program.

Eastside Select Baseball